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Troubleshooting automotive shock absorbers make your car remain stable with
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Many people know the role of automotive shock absorbers , but many people do not know how to check automotive shock absorbers conducted a working automotive shock absorbers , can ease the impact of the road to the car , quickly absorbs bumps generated when vibration, so that the vehicle restored to its normal driving conditions ; without normal automotive shock absorbers What will respond to it ?
Troubleshooting automotive shock absorbers make your car remain stable with
Automobile shock absorber , by definition is in order to slow the car is moving in the vibration sense , it belongs to a professional is to make the frame and the rapid decay of the vibration of the body , improve vehicle ride comfort and comfort, vehicle suspension system ( suspension system is defined by the body and tire springs and shock absorbers between the composition of the entire support system ) generally are equipped with shock absorbers, is currently widely used in the car is dual acting telescopic shock absorbers.
Automobile shock absorber is used in the process of wearing parts , shock absorbers work is good or bad , will directly affect the smooth running cars and other parts of life , so the need for frequent shock absorbers in good working condition. So how to test automotive shock absorbers not work properly ? Absorber using the following method of testing whether the work is good.
Method one : to make cars in poor road conditions on the roads after 10km parking , touch damper housing , if not hot enough , indicating internal shock absorber without resistance , shock absorbers do not work. At this point , you can add the appropriate lubricant, and then test, if the shell fever, compared with internal shock absorber oil, should add a little oil ; otherwise , indicating shock absorber failure .
Method Two: Press firmly bumper, then release , if the car has 2 to 3 times jump, then the shock absorbers work well , and vice versa is not a normal job .
Method three: When the car slowly driving and emergency braking, if the vehicle vibration more intense , indicating that the shock absorber is not working properly .
Method four : Remove the shock absorber in the upright position , and the lower end of the connecting ring in the vise clamp , pull compression damping lever several times , this time should be stable resistance , pull up resistance should be greater than downward pressure the resistance , such as resistance to unstable or no resistance , it may be short of oil damper or valve internal parts damage should be repaired or replaced parts.
In determining the shock absorbers have a problem or failure, shock absorbers should first check whether there is oil or traces of old oil spills or phenomenon .
Seal gaskets, gasket rupture damaged oil storage cylinder head nut loose . May be oil seals, gaskets would damage should be replaced with new seals . If you still can not eliminate oil spills, shock absorbers should be pulled out , if they feel the severity is not a moment , and then further examination between the piston and the cylinder gap is too large , the shock absorber piston rod without bending the piston rod and the cylinder surface cylinder for scratches or pull marks .
If the shock is not leaking phenomenon , check damper connecting pin , connecting rod, connecting hole , rubber bushings, etc. for damage , Desoldering, break or fall off place . If these were normal , it should be further decomposed shock absorbers, check the piston and cylinder with the gap is too large cylinder with or without injury , the valve seal is good , valves and valve seat are tight fitting and reduce the stretching vibration absorber spring is too soft or broken , depending on the circumstances taken grinding or replacement parts approach repairs.
Finally , the shock absorber in actual use will beep failure , mainly due leaf springs and shock absorbers , frame or shaft resulting collision , damage or loss, and a cushion damper dust tube deformation , the oil shortage causes such reasons should be identified , to be repaired. Shock absorber we can guarantee the normal work driving forward the process more smoothly , so to promptly check damper is working properly.
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