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Automobile shock absorber opportunities
Hits:3907         Date:2013/10/29
In this slow breathing should flaunt their low-carbon society , the electric car no doubt become the darling of the media chase . But in fact, so far no one company can achieve industrial production of electric vehicles . If you can not achieve " zero fuel " , can we try the "low fuel " cars do ?
    Innovative Advantages
    Speaking of the auto industry of independent innovation and energy , someone really moving a lot of auto parts on the brain - Beijing Shuo Technology Co., Ltd. , general manager for customers love Liu Cheng . Is this entrepreneurial passion with 26 -year-olds one aimed at the automotive shock absorbers opportunities on this small parts .
    "After repeated experiments show that this technology can make an annual saving of large passenger oil money 14,256 yuan , 12,960 yuan savings heavy trucks and medium-sized passenger cars to save 10,800 yuan , commercial vehicles save 336 yuan ." Chinese entrepreneurs at Tsinghua University Enterprise Training Camp promote the meeting , Liu Cheng , introducing their proprietary ShockEner techniques, confidently say so.
    Seems like a good thing . Assuming year production 100 large buses all use ShockEner of automotive shock absorbers , a year can save oil money over 140 million people. Blows costs , then profit margins have more than 110 million people.
    According to Liu Cheng 's introduction, they targeted the car shock absorber consumer group is heavy-duty trucks and large and medium-sized passenger cars . So first , we have to return to one of the most original question : Can the use of this fuel-efficient automobile shock absorber plates how much of the market ?
    Optimistic about the market
    This reporter has learned that in recent years , the domestic heavy-duty truck market share mainly concentrated in five companies, namely China National Heavy Duty Truck ( quotes, information, reviews ) , China FAW, Dongfeng Motor ( 600006 ) Shaanxi Auto and Foton . Research data show that from 2005 to 2008 , China's heavy-duty truck sales increased from 235,000 to 540,000 , the market capacity growth of 129.1% .
    Medium-sized passenger cars , according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers had on the 97 bus manufacturer to submit statistical data analysis, in July 2010 , a large passenger car sales 5882 , a decline of 14.82% , an increase of 47.01% ; medium-sized passenger car sales 5777 , a decline of 9.95% , an increase of 4.62% .
    However, the market cake bigger, he did not fork vain. Faced with such a scale of market demand, Liu Cheng 's team has his own hiding something.
    Go eat crab
    Liu Cheng 's team is currently a total of four Ph.D., 3 MS, graduated from the Northern and North respectively . Team members generally young, but lack the ability to develop market operation experience. In the case of shortage of funds , want to further demonstrate and improve fuel economy performance automotive shock absorbers is very difficult. Team members can take advantage of the resources in school , and occasionally use the school 's laboratory to complete the R & D projects to further improvements.
    Twists and turns , now the team has heavy truck and Shanxi Grand Canal signed a preliminary letter of intent. Initial financing 5,000,000 for the industrial production of the product .
    In fact , as early as in 2007 , the team developed ShockEner patented protection, but the delay can not find investors .
    In an interview with "off Caizhi " reporter , the famous industry experts, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics , said Zhao Ying , director of industrial development , compared with U.S. financing easier and Chinese VCs relatively cautious . The invention of automotive shock absorbers for the entire automotive industry seems to not be very significant , the component is not standard . Furthermore, the economic benefits of fuel economy and the spread between the manufacturing cost is enough to attract companies, patent industrialization relatively long time required for such issues will affect the product 's market prospects.
    Expert opinion slightly conservative , more interested in whether the technology companies do ? " Well Wise " Reporters also interviewed Masson Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong, Zhang Lei , who specializes in auto parts production company CEOs said, " very supportive of such energy saving technology innovation , we can give society with to the benefits to the enterprise profits , no matter how much is good . "