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Modified car tires wheels and shock absorbers in place to effect
Hits:4108         Date:2013/10/29
Modified car car family to play sports , dazzling appearance, unique sound, increased performance are highlights of the owner's personality.
    Car modification can be divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced three different levels. Modification riders are generally the primary level, they are just some of the parts to do some upgrades to improve performance. Costa Rica is the name of the owner Senna water , usually playing racing, racing venues in order to better adapt to long ago he put his car made ​​some minor modifications.
    Tire width , wheel diameter increased to improve stability
    Saina tire width of 195 mm , wheel rims are basically in the straight running without any problems, but the car due to driving fast, the corners urgent, so the tires have high performance requirements, water brother spent a total of 7000 yuan chose Michelin 215/45R15 tires , but also equipped with the appropriate R15 alloy wheels . Widened rear tire change , but also flat compared to further reduce tire grip further enhanced to increase the friction makes the braking performance is also greatly improved. Road test when there is gravel mountain road at 120 km / h speed, swinging the body basically no slipping feeling.
    Technician Tip : Wheel driving stability in the role can not be underestimated . Quality of light alloy wheels to a certain extent, reduce the momentum of the process of driving , and are generally made of aluminum alloy wheels produced by the mold , no welding , and thus high safety in the driving process due to friction generate a lot of heat, compared with other metals aluminum has good heat resistance, can quickly disseminate the process of moving the heat to maintain a uniform speed so that the body to maintain balance.
    Quality shock absorbers to reduce roll
    High speed corners , especially over a good damping performance is particularly important in the race venue , the general has a 60 -degree angle bend , and the vehicle speed is generally about 100 kilometers , the body prone to tilting caused accident . Fortunately, more stable chassis Xsara , in general, gravel road, the whole body will not have much sway . Water brother 's only a shock absorber conversion , he spent 12,000 yuan auto parts base replaced KW-ZR shock absorbers . Modified the effect is very obvious, before the vehicle at 120 kilometers per hour over right angle bend , can clearly feel the body tilted to the corners , the outside wheel spacing of 50-100 mm from the ground , after the change at the same rate with two spacing of only 20 mm or less, and high speed during sliding phenomenon also less.
    Technician Tip: modification is not a trivial modification often prone to irrational accident while modified nor " alien" reasonable modifications can effectively improve the performance, when converted to the actual needs, choose a regular auto city , do not mess money , so as to better enjoy driving the music.