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How much you understand about automotive shock absorbers?
Hits:5011         Date:2013/10/29
Shock absorber ( also known as shock absorbers ) function is to reduce the oscillation caused by poor road conditions , while reducing the car body sharp turns or sudden stop shaking . When the car passing through the raised ridge road , the performance of sophisticated shock absorbers to avoid wheel leaps , body still firmly placed on four wheels. Conversely, a loss of shock absorber in this case will make the wheels run over the ridge of the bird suddenly jumped up , the other three wheels affixed to the adhesive force is also affected. If at this time the emergency brake , the effect it can imagine .
    On Saturday , a group of off-road warriors embark on a journey into Sichuan to Tibet , they bring not only people's hopes and wishes , as well as a variety of off-road equipment , of which , is comprised of a large number of automobile shock absorber. Think about it, walking in rugged Sichuan-Tibet line , no sophisticated automotive shock absorbers really not. In order to provide convenient for off-road warriors , recently, the reporter visited the Nanjing road Products Manufacturing Co. aspect of Xuguo Guan , general manager , a detailed understanding of the types of shock absorbers and the use of the principle .
    Shock varieties
    Common hydraulic dampers and shock absorbers include mechanical shock absorbers. Hydraulic shock absorber is divided into two-way hydraulic shock absorbers and dampers.
    The compressibility of the hydraulic damper of the liquid and the liquid absorbing energy when compressed , and flow energy dissipation characteristics , to achieve the purpose of reducing or eliminating vibration .
    In addition to bi- axial compressive shock absorber , can also be converted to axial impact to reverse the impact of the use of the principle of the hydraulic damping to reduce or eliminate the impact of longitudinal and torsional vibrations .
    Mechanical shock absorber with damping effect, long working life, high cost performance advantages .
    Shock absorber features
    The shape of the shock absorber is a cylindrical shaft , the shaft tube in the activity have a cylindrical shaft or a shaft . Suspension springs shock absorbers placed inside , usually with wagons and wheel care phase connection. Pneumatic or hydraulic damping its principles are similar.
    Usually two ways to buffer a shaft tube in tube in another axis slide : one is called hydraulic damping using specialized hydraulic oil ; another called using pressurized nitrogen gas pressure shock . Shock absorber for the two-way movement : When the wheel brakes and sank due to loads or when they pressurized shock absorbers ; when the car is to restore the original load, the damper will decompression. The principle is very simple shock absorber . When it is pressurized, the tube connecting the wheels up under pressure , the piston is pushed into the other compartment connected to the cylindrical shaft ; piston with standard holes, hole nozzles installed on the hydraulic , lubricating oil through the mouth into the sky to increase the damping effect of shock absorber . Conversely , under spring pressure of the suspension wheel will be restored to the original position .
    These are the principles of the hydraulic damper , the pressure damper are basically the same principle .
    The difference is that the pressure damper disposed at one end about a pressurized nitrogen tank pressure Pa 25x1O5 power . Nitrogen can be compressed , the pressure from the pressure regulator effect. The advantage is that nitrogen is used to prevent movement of the piston old hydraulic damper when overspeed emulsification .
    Since application of electronic technology , shock absorbers , is experiencing a technological revolution . Mercedes-Benz CL sedan has been equipped with an advanced hydraulic shock absorbers / suspension spring assembly can be adjusted automatically sporty driving state hardness , but expensive. Arvin company has successfully developed electric drive hydraulic valve guide new shock absorbers. Delphi Corp. will also be incorporated into microparticles hydraulic oil , developed a magnetic rheological hydraulic shock absorbers , can be put into operation soon .
    Shock absorber Troubleshooting
    Automobile shock absorber is used in the process of wearing parts , shock absorbers work is good or bad , will directly affect the smooth running cars and other parts of life , so we should make the shock absorber always in good working condition . The following methods can test whether the work of a good shock absorber . 1 . The poor condition of the road car driving on the road for 10 km Parking , touch damper housing , if not hot enough , indicating internal shock absorber without resistance , shock absorbers do not work. At this point , you can add the appropriate lubricant, and then test, if the shell fever, compared with internal shock absorber oil, should add a little oil ; otherwise , indicating shock absorber failure .
    2 . Press firmly bumper, then release , if the car has 2-3 times a jump, then the shock absorbers work well .
    3 . When the car slowly driving and emergency braking, if the car vibrate more intense , indicating shock absorber problem.
    4 . Remove the shock absorber in the upright position , and the lower end of the connecting ring in the vise clamp , pull compression damping lever several times , this time should be stable resistance , pull up , the recovery should be greater than the resistance to downward pressure when the resistance , such as resistance to unstable or no resistance , it may be short of oil damper or valve internal parts damage should be repaired or replaced parts.
    In determining the shock absorbers have a problem or failure, shock absorbers should first check whether there is oil or traces of old oil spills . If it is found leaking , first tighten the cylinder head nuts, if still leaking shock absorbers , it may be oil seals, gaskets would damage should be replaced with new seals . If you still can not eliminate oil spills, damping lever should be pulled out , if they feel there is not one o'clock issuing or severity , and further examination of the piston and cylinder gap is too large , the shock absorber piston rod without bending , piston rod and the cylinder surface is scratched or pull marks .
    If the shock does not leak phenomenon, you should check the shock absorber connection pin, connecting rod, connecting hole , rubber bushings, etc. for damage , Desoldering, rupture or detachment of the Department . If these were normal , it should be further decomposed shock absorbers, check the piston and cylinder with the gap is too large cylinder with or without injury , the valve seal is good , valves and valve seat are tight fitting and reduce the stretching vibration absorber spring is too soft or broken , depending on the circumstances taken grinding or replacement parts approach repairs.
    In addition , the shock absorber will appear in the actual use failure beep , which is mainly due leaf springs and shock absorbers , frame or shaft collision cushion shock damage or loss, and dust tube deformation , fluid lack of causes, reasons should be identified , be repaired.
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