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On the types of automotive shock absorbers great impact on vehicle handling
Hits:4369         Date:2013/10/29
Springs as elastic components, play a supporting role in vehicles and vibration mitigation , but if only the spring , then we encounter a major bumps or roll, the vehicle will be playing non-stop, and an elastic ball like no passengers can stand . So this time played a role in shock absorber , shock absorber fluid or compressed gas within this reciprocating motion of the fluid moving through the rapid elimination of damping , the suspension of the state to ensure stability and ride comfort .
    Normal oil / gas pressure shock absorbers
    Currently used mainly bidirectional hydraulic shock absorber shock absorber , a piston , hydraulic cylinder and a plurality of unidirectional valves. This type of damper valve rigid assertion to be much larger than the compression valve , so when the shock absorber damping force is not compressed , and the damping force stretching a lot , so you can bounce the suspension it continues to repeatedly bounce elimination trend to achieve the effect of vibration .
    Normal oil damper is currently the most commonly used vehicle structure is relatively simple , but also better maintenance. Such shock absorbers usually pay attention to check if the hydraulic cylinder seal is not good , the shock absorber damping effect will be lost oil spill , then they need to be replaced.
    Pneumatic shock absorber with hydraulic shock absorber basic principle is similar , except that the internal pressure gas charge ( usually nitrogen ) , the structure is more simple , generally using monocular design . Pneumatic shock absorber working state more desirable , but for damper seal and require a relatively high inflatable craft , used for conversion purposes.
    Adjustable shock absorber damping
    As the name implies , this type of shock absorber damping can be adjusted, divided into the traditional damping adjustable and electronically controlled variable damping shock absorber shock absorber ( usually electromagnetic control ) . Traditional adjustable damper requires more complex electromechanical devices , and some also require subsidiary of hydraulic systems , complex structure, cost is not low , it is difficult in the general models popular.
    In contrast, the electronically controlled electric / magnetic rheological fluid damper using a more flexible , volume weight is also smaller , and magnetorheological fluids (MRF) damper as compared ERF (ERF) Shock Absorber more stable working conditions , faint has become a mainstream technology in a number of models have been equipped . Similarly, the electromagnetic absorber can be adjusted by manual setting , or a vehicle to collecting dynamic information , automatically adjust the shock absorber damping , dynamic control .
    MR damper main principle is filled with magnetorheological fluid damper inside , and arranged electromagnetic coils, magneto-rheological fluid can flow in the magnetic field from the highly liquid into a viscoplastic body ( like from water suddenly becomes plasticine one ) and this change controllable , rapid, reversible , so you have a strong ability to adapt .
    Summary : In addition to the types and characteristics of the shock absorber , the fact that the elastic member , the matching relation between the suspension components , and the vehicle center of gravity of the distribution and other factors, the dynamic performance of the vehicle have a decisive role.