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A huge demand for automotive aftermarket shock absorbers
Hits:4208         Date:2013/10/29
China Vehicle Components Technology Holdings Limited Chief Executive Officer Zhao Zhijun and telecommunications networks in the guest "discovery value" of interviews with executives of listed companies , said the end of 2011, car ownership in China has exceeded 100 million units, and as a car less wearing parts shock absorber needs to be replaced once every two years , creating a huge aftermarket automotive shock absorbers .
    And information networks : the external market finished part , then, talk about back home , I know that China Vehicle Components In fact, open the domestic market has been to adhere as their main direction of development , why is there such a consideration ? Included in last year experienced a rise in raw material prices , as well as OEMs will put pressure on the case , as a parts production enterprises , how do you ensure that their profit margins to grow again ?
    Zhao Zhijun : Thank you for your question , your question is my personal thoughtful questions . Why companies to the domestic market at this stage as we are one of the main direction of development, for two reasons. First, the current Cijan company's main customers are large domestic automobile manufacturers, it should be said Cijan company in China is one of the largest automobile manufacturers cover shock absorber manufacturing company , nearly a decade of continuous development of China's auto market, high-speed , are bound to the entire company's strategy will be domestic-based, this is what I say the first question.
    Second, as automotive shock absorbers , as I already said, it is a safe piece , functional parts and wearing parts . The so-called consumables , the industry has an average data , an average of two years to replace a shock , of course , related to each specific vehicle will be relatively large differences. By the end of 2011, car ownership in China has exceeded 100 million units, to maintain such a huge amount , and this 100 million car shock absorbers , it should be said that a large part of the life cycle needs to be replaced , which is a huge of the market, in this regard is also bound to cause the company to sales as our primary one direction. This is my answer to your first question .
    The second question on the problem of rising raw material prices . It should be said relatively pleased to share with you one thing , we point What is happiness ? What joy it, our company from its inception choosing such a product is very good , why product is very good , because the shock absorber is a functional element , the so-called functional parts is to say, good or bad quality shock absorbers comfort of the car and safety plays a vital role in the entire automotive parts inside it belongs to a critical point , it is this characteristic determines the automobile shock absorber manufacturers in selecting quality suppliers will in the first time , the Price placed second. That's why we provide a concept throughout the company , we rely on the price competition , ie to provide customers the best quality products , the price is right . Based on such a feature, we and certain car manufacturers to support , there are no very special circumstances , we will not withdraw from this manufacturer which is also based on this, the price of automobile manufacturers of the shock absorber is not necessarily required to be reduced to very low , of course, very frankly speaking, every year there will be more or less a little bit of a decline , but this decline , we will improve through our management , including some of our suppliers' prices of the transfer, put the pressure on proper digestion indefinitely. That is, we run so many years, it should be said in this regard , the company did not cause a lot of operating pressure.