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How to test automotive shock absorbers work status
Hits:3966         Date:2013/10/29
Shock is a very important car accessories , play frame and the rapid decay of the vibration of the body , improve vehicle ride comfort and comfort important role. Automobile shock absorber is used in the process of wearing parts , shock absorbers work is good or bad , will directly affect the smooth running cars and other parts of life , so we should make the shock absorber always in good working condition . The following methods can test whether the work of a good shock absorber .
    1 . The poor condition of the road car driving on the road after 10km parking , touch damper housing , if not hot enough , indicating an internal shock absorber without resistance , shock absorber does not work. At this point , you can add the appropriate lubricant, and then test, if the shell fever, compared with an internal shock absorber oil, should add a little oil ; otherwise , indicating damper failure .
    2 . Press firmly bumper, then release , if the car has 2 to 3 times jump, then the shock absorber works well .
    3 . When the car slowly driving and emergency braking, if the vehicle vibration more intense , indicating damper problem.
    4 . Remove the shock absorber in the upright position , and the lower end of the connecting ring in the vise clamp , pull compression damping lever several times , this time should be stable resistance , pull up ( recovery ) should be greater than the resistance to downward pressure the resistance , such as resistance to unstable or no resistance , it may be short of oil damper or valve internal parts damage should be repaired or replaced parts.