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Cause Analysis Automotive deviation shock absorber spring buffer or inconsistent
Hits:3822         Date:2013/10/29
    Driving back and found the car in motion the total deviation to the right , made ​​several positioning or deviation, how to solve ? Experts, car driving deviation is relatively common problem , there are usually some of the following reasons:
    Four misregistration . In most cases, the deviation can be solved by doing a wheel alignment , but if you do the wheel alignment is still not resolved, it must be other causes .
    Not the same on both sides of the tire tread or tread a deep one shallow not as high . All cars are the best to use the same type of tire , at least two of the front axle and rear axle tires must be the same, but tread depth must be the same , more than the wear limit must be replaced.
    Both sides of the tire pressure range. Tire pressure tire will become different sample sizes , driving up bound deviation.
    Both sides of the front shock absorber spring deformation buffer inconsistent. Or removed by pressing the shock absorber spring after comparison to judge the quality .
    Front shock absorber failure . Front shock absorber failure in two vehicles after hanging one high and one low , discontinuity , causing deviation. Through a dedicated tester to detect shock absorbers, shock absorber judged good or bad ; such as the unconditional removal , can be used to determine the stretching method .
    Vehicle chassis components is not normal wear and tear is too large a gap exists . Steering rod ball joint , the support arm pouches, pouches and other stabilizer bar is prone parts of the gap is too large , you should double-check after lifting the vehicle .
    A bad wheel brake return incomplete separation . This is equivalent to one side of the wheel brake is always applied part , driving up the vehicle bound deviation. Inspection, can feel the temperature of the hub , such as a wheel than many other wheels , indicating that the wheel brake return defective.
    Frame overall deformation. Both sides of the wheelbase difference is too large , exceeds the maximum allowable range , you can measure the size of checks, such as out of range must be calibrated with calibration station .