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Automobile shock absorber oil leakage how to solve
Hits:4176         Date:2013/10/29
If leakage occurs automotive shock absorbers , for the shock absorbers , no doubt, is a very dangerous thing . So, once found oil spills , it is necessary to make timely remedial measures. Check the project focused on seal gaskets, gasket rupture damaged oil storage cylinder head, check these parts if there nut loose .
    If it is found leaking , first tighten the cylinder head nuts, if damper is still leaking , there may be oil seals, gaskets would damage should be replaced with new seals . If you still can not eliminate oil spills, damping lever should be pulled out , if they feel there is not a time card or severity , and further examination of the piston and cylinder gap is too large, whether the damper piston rod bent piston rod and the cylinder surface is scratched or pull marks .
    If the damper is no oil leakage phenomenon, you should check the damper connecting pin , connecting rod, connecting hole , rubber bushings, etc. for damage , Desoldering, rupture or detachment of the Department . If these were normal , it should be further decomposed damper, check the piston and cylinder with the gap is too large cylinder with or without injury , the valve seal is good , valves and valve seat are tight fitting and reduce the stretching vibration of the spring is too soft or broken , depending on the circumstances taken grinding or replacement parts approach repairs.
    In addition , the shock absorber will appear in the actual use failure beep , which is mainly due damper and the plate spring , frame or shaft collision cushion damage or loss and dust tube deformation damper , the oil lack of causes, reasons should be identified , be repaired.
    Shock absorber during the inspection after the repair should be carried out in a special test rig performance test, when the resistance frequency of 100 ± 1mm ​​when its done stroke and compression stroke resistance should be specified. Cheng maximum resistance of 392 ~ 588N; Dongfeng car done trip biggest obstacle for the 2450 ~ 3038N, compression stroke, the biggest obstacle for 490 ~ 686N. If there is no test conditions , we can also use an empirical approach , which uses a damper rods penetrate the lower end of the inner rings , slam it ends with both feet , both hands pull on the rings back and forth 2-4 times , when great resistance when pulling up , pressed down, do not feel laborious and stretch resistance and repair than before has been restored, no air-way sense , it indicates damper normal.